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Friday, December 11, 2009

Top 3 Christmas Couples Costumes

We’ve chosen three pairs to spotlight this post that cover three categories: Classic, Cute and Naughty but Nice.

Our Classic selection is a Victorian Santa Claus costume accompanied by a Velvety Mrs. Santa. We have several Santa suits and a few Mrs. Claus costumes, but this costume hearkens back to a yesteryear when our ancestors would have celebrated. Santa has a velvet cape and caplet with a long hair border that’s trimmed in gold and is even partially satin lined. The short-sleeved green satin tunic is trimmed in gold with a gold colored rope belt. Mrs. Santa wears a long velvet dress trimmed in rich faux rabbit fur, and a satin apron with pocket brocade and faux rabbit fur trim.

Our Cute selection is Elves! In the photo, it looks like two costumes sold together, but it’s not--just two people wearing the costume two ways. The set includes a deluxe velvet red and green tunic with a red and gold braided belt cord. Two gold bell accents hang from the belt, and a separate collar has gold bells too. There’s a matching velvet elf hat with bells and a pair of deluxe elf shoes. (But the green and red tights are’nt included.)

If you’d like to let the man look cute-in-a-childlike-way, but prefer the woman to look cute-in-a-sexy-way, check out this little she-elf suit!

Naughty but Nice
And finally, our selection for the Naughty but Nice category—a Hug Hefner Meets Santa Style Smoking Jacket comes complete with red velvet, full black lining, faux fur shawl collar and cuff trim, and snow white Playboy logo embroidery on back. It also comes with a Santa hat, and pipe!

For the lady, the Adult Santa’s Helper costume is the perfect fit. A red velvety halter dress with white trim and bow, it even includes striped stockings!

No matter which you choose, you’re sure to have great holiday fun!

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