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Friday, December 25, 2009

Lump of Coal or Treats from Santa

You may have heard that naughty children receive only a lump of coal from Santa Claus in their Christmas stocking instead of presents. Well we hope you got treats, and that you didn’t wish you had some lumps of coal on hand. In case you did, you might be glad to know that we’ve got bags of coal if you’ve got the naughty Neds and Nancys!

Each bag comes printed on two sides--one side with the message “You’ve been naughty” and the other with “Merry Christmas”. Three lumps of imitation coal are included to really drive the point home, or spread the wealth among many misbehaving family members. Or you might want to do what they do in Scotland, where it is customary and lucky to give coal as a gift on New Year's Day because it represents warmth for the year to come.

If instead you found that you had so many gifts to give, or perhaps you dressed as Santa and your costume didn’t include a bag made for the express purpose of being filled with goodies for good girls and boys, you’ll like our Santa Sacks! We’ve got three different styles:

The Santa Sack is a velvet bag that measures 30 x 36 inches, has gold embroidered lettering wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, a gold colored drawstring is detailed and two jingle bells. It even includes a 12 inch shoulder strap for easy handling!

The Santa Toy Bag is red velvet with a green velvet collar and bells and matches nicely with any of our elf costumes if you need a helper.

Santa’s Toy Bag is a red cloth bag, with a cartoon of Santa Claus with toys spilling from his sack and the message “Season’s Greetings” in bold black lettering.

It’s never too early to prepare for next Christmas—do it while you’re thinking of it!

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