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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Wonderful LARP of Oz

In an earlier post to our costume blog, we mentioned this year marks the 70th anniversary of the movie, The Wizard of Oz. So it’s therefore timely that an Oz Larp would be about to take place, November 13 – 15! Here’s a paraphrasing of a description from a post to

With the Wicked Witch destroyed, the Wizard passed his crown to the Scarecrow, widely believed to be the most intelligent creature in Oz. Then the girl and the Wizard returned to their own lands, leaving the Scarecrow to rule.

Devices left behind by The Wizard have been studied and improved upon by those of the Tinsmith-trade, leading to the creation of a complex art of steam and gears, whose power rivals that of magic.

The Constructs, those timeless servants of Oz, have become more common in the land. While only a scant few, like the Scarecrow, are beings animated by the Powder of Life, many others are once living creatures saved and given new life by the Wizard's Sciences. Beings sustained by complicated machines and strange devices are called the Tin Men.

The animals in Oz have always been able to talk, but now most wear clothes and carry weaponry, like any other respectable Ozian. Now The Lands north of The City of Emeralds are in peril once again and a new summons from the Scarecrow King is put forth:

"Adventurers from all across Oz, bring your might--be it sword, spell or craft to aide this troubled land. Beasts have become uncommonly savage, Constructs have begun malfunctioning, Rumors of a terrible power amassing strength are whispering among the other territories. The time for the great deeds of heroes has returned."

Check out our Wizard of Oz costumes and accessories, not to mention masks, hats and wigs, and check out for more information. The pictures were borrowed from the LARP’s Facebook Event Page.

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