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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time for Pacific Media Expo!

The Pacific Media Expo is coming up this weekend, so get ready to experience “The Crossroads of Asian Pop Culture”. Pacific Media Expo considers itself a new generation of convention for a new generation of fans. PMX, for short, it brings the cutting edge of Asian entertainment to America, whether it is the newest anime from Japan, the hottest bands from the Pacific Rim, the latest street fashion from Harajuku, or the most disturbing horror films from Asia. PMX seeks to create an entertainment community for artists, industry, and their fans.

We mentioned to you in our costume blog in September that the cosplay Fan film, Fanime, would be filming interviews at PMX. But you can also look forward to the PMX CosFest, their Official Cosplay Competition.

They’re planning for this event to truly be a cosplay extravaganza, with great skits, special performances, and amazing costumes. They welcome costumes from J-Rock to J-Pop to Anime to C-Pop to Asian film, Asian animation, Asian comics, Asian-origin video games, or Asian music stars. They also welcome EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) and EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat).
Online CosFest registration is now closed. But you can still sign up for the event at the convention. For more info, see their website.

Also, though not cosplay, it is a chance for girls to dress up…there will also be an Angelic Pretty Wonderland Tea Party for everyone who likes clothing covered in lace, frills and ribbons like that of the fairytale princess. Light snacks, tea, and entertainment with your friends, plus get a chance to talk with Maki and Asuka from Angelic Pretty about the creative process behind your favorite designs and learn what inspires them. L.A. fashion designer Tarina Tarantino will be attending the Wonderland Tea Party as a special guest of Angelic Pretty.

Check it out!

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