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Monday, November 16, 2009

Get Furry with FurFest 2009

This video takes you into the world of the Furry with a news story on AnthroCon in Pittsburgh from a few years ago. It’s a con for anthropomorphic cosplay, as well as for anyone fascinated with anthropomorphics--or humanlike animal characters. This could include artists, animators, writers, costumers, puppeteers, and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals and their kin.

For those of you in the Midwest, you can go to FurFest 2009, coming up November 20 -22 in the Chicago area. Other furry cons include the Furry Fiesta, coming up in Feb 2010, the Furry Weekend in March and the Halloween-themed FurFright.

The website explained that a furry lifestyler is generally considered to be a person who has one or more of these characteristics:

• Integrating a perceived animal nature into one's persona (gait, use of voice, personality, instincts, etc.)

• Totemistic beliefs, specifically with regard to animal spirits

• A belief that animal instincts exist within humans, regardless of whether they are separate, immaterial spirits, part of the genetic code, caused by reincarnation from a previous animal life, or anything else

• A furry lifestyler may also take on physical attributes of an animal, although this is rare. Such attributes may be: hair style (including facial hair), tattoos, articles of clothing (e.g. a tail or ears), or jewelry. In a few extreme cases, some wealthy lifestylers have used elective surgery to affect a physical transformation.

• The practices and viewpoints of some Furry Lifestylers have some similarity to the ideas of Otherkin and Therianthropy.

Therianthropy, Wikipedia tells us, refers to the metamorphosis of humans into other animals, which have long existed in mythology, appearing in ancient cave drawings such as the Sorcerer at Les Trois Frères.

Otherkin are a primarily Internet-based subculture of people who identify in some way as non-human. Common creatures otherkin identify with include angels, demons, dragons, elves, extra-terrestrials, fairies, kitsune, lycanthropes, and vampires, among others.

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