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Monday, November 2, 2009

Costumes to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Halloween may be over, but we can still dress up for Thanksgiving! We’ve got almost a whole month to plan, so here we go!

Do a search on Thanksgiving from any page on Moon Costumes.com and you’ll find a Men’s Pilgrim costume, and some children’s costumes: a pilgrim and a Native American warrior. There’s also a mascot costume of a turkey carrying a pilgrim. But that’s not all we have!

In our Early American History Costumes section and you can find more costumes that help celebrate the first days of America. But you should know that though we want to use politically correct terminology to acknowledge the contribution of the Native Americans to Thanksgiving, not all costume names reflect this. So please don’t take offense, or think we intend or encourage any disrespect. Many costumes are named using terms that were accepted in the past. For example, you’ll find an adult male Indian warrior, a Native Brave, American Indian Man, a Brave, an Indian Man, Indian Maiden, Little Fawn Leather, along with a Colonial Man, Colonial Shirt, Colonial Breeches.

For women, you’ll find costumes for a Pilgrim Lady or two, a Native Princess, Colonial Girl, Prairie Woman, Tiger Lily, Indian Maiden, Indian Princess, Indian Lady, Pioneer Dress, Colonial Lady, Indian Princess, and Pocahontas.

If you search for “Turkey” you’ll find two more team mascots to complete the collection with the costume mentioned above.

And if you go to our Kid’s Historical Costumes section you’ll find a couple of Colonial Girl costumes, and Indian Girl, a few of Colonial Boy costumes, a Pilgrim Girl, and American Indian Girl, a few Indian Boy costumes, and a Pilgrim Boy.

So put on a family play re-enacting the first Thanksgiving, and then be sure to join our Facebook group! Happy November!

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