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Friday, September 4, 2009

Which Greek Goddess Are You

If you go to our Roman/Historical Costumes section, you’ll see a fair number of Greek goddesses represented, though many do not specify which goddess. But we have a few accessory suggestions to help you develop your character.

We do have specific Athena costumes—perhaps because she may be the best known goddess. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and of war, among many other things, so you may want to carry a large book, and/or a weapon of some sort.

We also have one Aphrodite costume that is revealing enough that no one will doubt you’re the goddess of love and beauty.

Other goddesses you might want to be are:

Artemis – she was the goddess of the hunt, so you’d want to carry a bow and a quiver of arrows. She was also the protector of young women and was quite the feminist.

Hera – she was Zeus’ wife, which made her the queen of all the gods and goddesses, so a crown of laurel leaves in gold might be a nice touch. Her other role is the protector of marriage, and it was often her own marriage she had to protect from her constantly philandering husband. So maybe a “wanted” poster with Zeus’s face on it would be a handy item to have on you!

Gaia –as Mother Earth, she’s less of a goddess and more the actual earth, but for the purpose of costuming, you could accessorize with planetary jewelry, hold a globe in your hand, or just accessorize with greens and blues to look like the Earth from space. We have one goddess costume that has a lovely blue accent that might be just right!

We even have a villain from Greek mythology too – Medusa. Use our search to find all four--and all include awesome snakey headpieces!

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