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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Theme Parties Need Themed Supplies

So you want to throw a different type of get-together for your friends. Check out our Party Supplies section and get some fun ideas!

We have 50’s cutouts, cheerleader pom poms and a rock’n’roll record centerpieces. Use our 3-packs of vinyl records to hang from above or place wherever you need a little something. A “Rock ‘n‘ Roll Banner” tells everyone that rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay.

A disco ball may be from the wrong era, but what the heck? Our 20th century costumes section has 50’s pink ladies jackets, sock-hop outfits or T-birds costumes, OR a variety of hip, disco ensembles. Choose one era or both!

A Hawaiian themed party could use our inflatable palm tree, or click on Luau for more great additions like grass skirts, plastic leis, straw hats, temporary hula girl tattoos and Hawaiian print clothes, even for your dog!

A witches’ hat that sings “Do you Believe in Magic?” might be a cute twist for a Harry Potter party – like the Sorting Hat’s cousin! We've got a Hogwarts Banner, a few different cauldrons and even Dobby the House Elf in our Props and Décor section, plus costumes like school robes, and accessories like scarfs and glasses.

And don’t even get us started with the Halloween decorations! We’ve got a classy skull chandelier and a nicely matching skull wreath with black leaves for the door... new labels for your wine or soda bottles to make them seem like “witches brew” or other scary concoctions... and Whisper the Ghost’s eyes to cover your windows, plus much more in our Props & Décor section!

At Moon Costumes, we’re not just about costumes, but we’re all about the fun.

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