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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits

Coming up September 25 – 27 at the Minnneapolis College of Art and Design is a gathering that is not a convention, nor a conference. Schoolgirls & Mobilesuits: Culture and Creation in Manga and Anime has developed over time to become a casual and intimate interaction between audience members and speakers.

Their website explains that their event combines the fun of cosplay, Otaku bazaars, fashion shows and anime screenings with the presentation and discussion of academic papers and the demonstration of artistic techniques, resulting in freewheeling discussions between guests and participants.

They tell us it’s a bit of a carnival as well — celebrating Japanese anime, manga, fan arts and the Otaku who love them. It is aimed at the Otaku who wants a bit more than the average fan event; who hungers for a deeper – more profound investigation into the complex narratives and amazing art of these forms. If you are either a high school or college student, you can receive a transferable college credit for attending the workshop.

SGMS has been devoting the first night of each conference to the exploration of connections between fashion and lifestyle and/or costume and anime/manga. A significant part of this evening is the runway fashion show—Fresh Fruits Basket fashion show. (This year, they’re having a contest to rename the event.)

It started as a small cosplay event, but has mushroomed in the past few years into a major fashion event featuring the work of many avant garde fashion designers whose work ranges from cosplay and Loli, to Steampunk and other amazing work by designers from all over the country. This has been the hard work of Samantha Rei of Blaspheminas and Megan Maude of Megan, who have expanded the discourse for SGMS in terms of the very important fashion aspect of the world of anime and manga. Photos from their

respective shows are shown above to entice you to check it out!


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