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Friday, September 11, 2009

Masks and Hats and Wigs Oh My

Sometimes all you need is a mask, hat or wig to make a great costume while wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in. Other times, they’re the finishing touch that makes a good costume into a great one.

Under our Masks, Hats and Wigs section, you’ll also find categories like “Fun and Funky” and “Wacky and Wild”, which include items from all the categories, sometimes in combination!

For example, in Fun and Funky, you’ll find things like the Sorceress Deluxe Theatre Headwear--a gorgeous mask with glitter detailing and a matching glamour style wig.

In Wacky and Wild you can find, among other things, the very strange Little Brother Wig that will have people saying to you “No wonder you have a splitting headache—there is a freakish little guy growing out of your head.” It’s an eye-catching, conversation-starting piece that allows you to wear whatever you want.

Of our various Hat sub-sections, we’ve got Hats from around the world, Crowns and Tiaras (and who needs to wait for a reason to wear those?), Top Hats and Derbys, Witches and Wizards, TV/Movie Hats, and also career hats, historical hats, holiday-related hats, and hats for kids.

If you’re looking for a mask, you’ll find feather masks and half masks along with masks of aliens, animals, elderly people and skulls, along with horror, humorous or political masks, or masks from TV & Movies.

And wigs include Moustaches and Beards, Hair Pieces and Bald caps, Sideburns, Goatees and chest hair, TV & Movie wigs and wigs for kids, men, women, or unisex wigs.

So basically, we’ve got you covered…at least your head.

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