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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feminists and the Men who Love Them OR Fun with 20th Century Costumes

Browsing our 20th Century History costumes is surprisingly fun. There’s an eclectic mix of everything from flapper dresses to 80’s legs warmers, and from keystone cops to southern belles.

Probably the most interesting are some unlikely female counterparts to male characters. These would be great for the lady who likes to challenge the concept of women’s roles. Or fun-loving couples might have a good laugh with them.

There are two that are the most unusual: one is the Pimpette. She might want to be surrounded by men who look like her…um…stable of employees, shall we say? Or, as shown above, with a Pimp partner. Perhaps the couple that pimps together, stays together. The next oddity is a female Elvis in the white jumpsuit. She can swivel her hips alone or have a jumpsuited partner. Hey, why not?

Some of the cooler ones for liberated women to enjoy are the Gunslinger, a sexy female version of our our Bounty Hunter. And then a female gangster can be paired with a zoot suit wearing man. We’ve got two really cute gangster chick outfits – Mobster Minx in white and Brass Knuckles Betty in black.

A more traditional pairing would be a flapper with a zoot suit guy. We’ve got a wide variety of flapper dresses, as well as Betty Boop costumes and other 20’s era dresses. Other traditional pairings: a Southern Belle with the Southern Gentleman, or a 50’s greaser with a pink lady or a sock hop girl. Or choose from our array of hippie or disco outfits for men and women.

For guys who want to get the ladies, this female blogger found herself swooning over the Southern Gentleman and the Bounty Hunter. But if you want to look like you’ve already got the ladies, try the Playboy Hefs Smoking Jacket.

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