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Friday, September 25, 2009

Be Prepped and Ready with Halloween Décor

If you’re like me, you like to decorate for Halloween on October 1st in order to squeeze the most fun out of the holiday. If you’re not yet ready to put up the decorations, check out our Props & Décor section for Indoor and Outdoor Decorations.

This blogger’s favorites are:

Skeleton Hand Wine Glass – the ultimate gothic table glassware, the stem is the skeleton’s radius and ulna, set into a pentagram pedestal with the bony hand holding the glass. It’s even packed in a coffin shaped box!

Iron Maiden Sofa Cover - pull this cloth piece over your sofa and it’ll look like a skeleton is resting (in peace?) across an open, spiked, Iron Maiden-style coffin. Nothing says welcoming and cozy like that!

Dead Ringer Head - a frightened miniature woman’s head hangs from a rope at the top of her head, while her dark hair dangles below. She’s kinda cute, like a good-looking shrunken head!

Skull Wreath with black leaves – smiling skulls alternate with smaller skull & crossbones figures over a bed of black leaves, welcoming people into your haunted house.

Crypt Creeps –Medusa – is great to decorate any haunted house, or to go with one of our four Medusa costumes! Be sure to scroll down to see her Crypt Creep cohort, Mr. Usher. We have gargoyles and cemetery angels too to add to the gothic allure.

Tombstone 3-pack - hard foam realistic-looking stone tombstones, and they’re packed together with 6 black long stem roses! We have a good variety of tombstones to choose from as well.

Pirate Host Figure Prop - can stand at the door, welcoming guests into a scary pirate hideout. Add the Pirate Treasure Chest and our Jolly Roger Sign and you’ve got yourself a theme!

And of course, there is much, much more to choose from. Happy shopping!

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