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Monday, September 28, 2009

All A Twitter About the New York Anime Festival

Twitter made it possible for the New York Anime Festival to be enjoyed in real-time by those who weren’t there.’s Twitter Entertainment reporter, Tammy Todd was our go-to girl for info and pics.
On Saturday, Sept. 26th, she told us that the NY Anime Festival (NYAF) was a trending topic for Twitter buzz within minutes of it's opening. Thanks to photo sharing Twitter applications like Twitpic, eye-popping pictures of cosplay were available for anyone who wanted to see.

A photo from the article's slideshow. On Sunday, Sept 27th, she reported on the climax of the Festival for many attendees—The Yume Cosplay Masquerade Contest. Participants competed for prizes, with the grand prize being a trip to Japan. Dressed in costumes of their favorite Anime, Manga and video game characters, cosplay performers acted in skits, dance routines and performed comedy bits around their characters. Flicker and other photo sharing services were sent a barrage of photos of cosplay performers only to be re-tweeted or re-posted on Twitter.

Number 4 of 10 from the article's slideshow.
Twitter continued it's weekend love affair with cosplay. Check out the trending topic on Twitter using the hash tag #NYAF. Posts included:

@EF Elmer "Final Fantasy cosplay group strikes a pose "

@kart21 "Cosplay Not just your nerdy pimpleface boy "

@ethics gradient "Arrived around 7 for #NYAF, caught...not much except the epic Cosplay Variety Show. I approve!"

@RockLoveJewelry "Was stopped for a ton of photos at NY Anime Fest - and interviewed for the steampunk documentary. Great evening with that krew! Thanks guys!"

@victoryfarm "A few photos from NY anime con... Farmhand was stopped for photo's countless times, including japanese anime mag."

@Deathstriker182 "Yes, I do! All those looking for #NYAF photos from Friday, look no further! "

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I sent you guys some pics of me in my new Jessie costume complete with the 30 inch burgundy wig I bought off you.
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