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Monday, August 3, 2009

Horror LARPs and Halloween

As we investigate different types of LARPs (Live Action Role Playing games), we found one genre that’d also be great to help you plan for Halloween—Horror LARPs.

We found one that blends dystopian themes with horror called “Endgame: Postapocolyptic Heroic Horror”. That’s their graphic gracing the blog. They have a game coming up at the end of August and in early October, but they say they’re already full, and any new players will be put on a waiting list. Still, it’s a good website to read about the genre. The examples they give of this type of horror that people might be familiar with are “the Brendan Fraser version of ‘The Mummy’ and its sequel, the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ TV series, and many works by Stephen King, such as ‘Black House’ or the ‘Dark Tower’ series.” Our Classic Horror Movie Costumes might fit right in at that LARP or one like it.

Another example of a Horror LARP would be Vampire by Gaslight, “The Age of Romance and Gothic Elegance” the review tells us, and it seemed they agreed that Victorian era seems well-tailored to be the Age of the Vampire. “No other period in human history seems to suit the proclivities of the Kindred more than the end of the nineteenth century, and so the expansion of White Wolf’s Minds Eye Theatre into this complex and rich historical period is both welcome and daunting.” We’ve got a section for Gothic Women’s costumes which could help you fit right in.

And if you can’t find a LARP to enjoy horror year-round, you might consider creating your own LARP for Halloween. It would be a great way to set up a haunted house too. GameWyrd suggests a Zombies LARP and gives details on how to set it up. We have some zombie costumes to help you out there too.

As always, if you don’t find something that works for you, we can always create a custom costume just for you, to your specifications.

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