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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Horror and Supernatural Animes to Cosplay for Halloween

Continuing our waltz through Wikipedia’s Anime and Manga Genre list, the Horror and Supernatural categories seemed like good places to look for Halloween-ish anime and cosplay ideas. Though the costumes themselves may not be that scary, you can make up for it with some convincing cosplay. (Or only go to Halloween parties thrown by anime fans and cosplayers.)

Vampire Knight is the only one of our favorites listed under the Horror genre. (Our favorites are obviously the ones we’ve made costumes from, right?). But Wikipedia’s Supernatural category offered more of our favorite costumes for cosplay:

Bleach – where death and evil spirits abound, and the costumes are dramatic.

D.GrayMan offers exorcism and body-snatching akuma to scare your friends. Dramatic costumes again, but we think Millennium Earl is the scariest.

Death Note - cleansing the world of evil via the written word. We especially like the black and white stripes on Amane Misa’s legs and Matt’s arms.

Devil May Cry - demons and devil hunters in kick-ass outfits. People are sure to be at least intimidated!

Hellsing - combating vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural foes who threaten England. That’s gotta give you an attitude.

Rozen Maiden - Gothic Lolitas fighting with their supernatural powers.

Sailor Moon - magical girls battling the evil force from a Dark Kingdom. Not really that scary or intimidating, but still supernatural.

XXXholic - witches and spirits and fate, oh my. Definitely dramatic too, especially our Yuuko Ichihara.

Yu Yu Hakusho literally translates to "Ghost Files" or "Poltergeist Report", and hints to Yusuke’s work for the Spirit World as a detective investigating demon cases in the human world. That knowledge should be scary enough.

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