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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coordinated Costumes for Pets and their Masters

If you haven’t thought about it before, you might be surprised at how many costumes are available for pets. We’ve broken them down into three categories: Classics, Famous Characters and Halloween.

Pet Costume Classics include a “big daddy” – a velvety purple jacket with leopard-print accents and a matching hat. His master can wear the Purple Big Daddy costume to match perfectly.

The Zelda prisoner pet costume (Zelda being the name of a famous bulldog, not a character from The Legend of Zelda) includes a striped shirt and pants, hat with matching prisoner number and a ball and chain. It would go well with our adult Convict or Jailgirl costumes.

A sailor dog costume offers lots of options for adult owners—from classic to sexy. Just type the word “Sailor” into our search field on the upper left of any of our pages and click “Go!”. The same works for “biker”, “clown” and “hippie”. There are also other Zelda costumes like a devil, or a queen. If you do a search for “bee” you’ll find great costumes for women, kids and a pet. Men could even dress in a furry mascot costume to make it fun for whole family.

Pet Costume Famous Characters include Superman, Spiderman, Zorro, Elvis, Mickey Mouse and Eeyore. Of course we have Superman, Spiderman and their friends and arch-enemies in our Adult Superheroes costume section. A search for “Zorro” and “Elvis” will reveal both adults and children’s costumes, but Mickey Mouse and Eeyore only have corresponding child costumes. Adults can check our Adult Disney Costumes section for ways to join in the fun with the kids and pets.

In our Halloween Pets Costumes, you’ll find the classic vampire, witch, pirate and pumpkin outfits. Witches and pirates have their own sub-sections under Adult Costumes. A search for “pumpkin” offers several cute kids outfits but only one adult costume, whereas a search for “vampire” will overwhelm you with choices!

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