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Monday, August 24, 2009

Be Sexy in Plus Sizes

Check out our Sexy Plus Size Costumes section if you’re a curvy girl who wants to flaunt her assets and see how much fun there is to be had.

You don’t even have to wait for Halloween, or a chance to take part in a LARP game, you can create your own role-playing game at home.

Get the attention of a sporty partner with our Sexy Plus Size Lipstick Referee, Sexy Baseball Player, Sexy Boxer or Racy Referee.

If you or your playmate would prefer a more military or law-related uniform, check out our Midnight Patrolwoman, Madam Sergeant, Private Tease, “Officer Arrest Me”, Gentleman’s Officer, Captain Layover, or be the Gangster Girl, or Naughty Prisoner. Or be superheroes–-dress your guy like Batman and you can be Sexy Robin.

For international affairs, try our Sexy Duchess, Geisha Girl, Sassy Lassie, Queen of the Nile,
Japanese Doll, French Can Can, Frauline, Scottie Sexy, or Belly Dancer costumes.

If you’re into medical drama, try our Plastic Surgeon, Nurse Nancy, Gothic Nurse, or Naughty Nurse. Or if you’re into other positions of professional service, try the Sexy Chef, Flirty Maid, Dust Devil, or Sexy Sexy Maid.

If you want your partner to take a role of authority, you can be the School Girl, Business School Girl, or Naughty School Girl (we’ve got two styles of this one).

Try being a Sexy Plus Size vamp like Vamptessa, or the Sexy Plum Vampiress, Gothic Affair, Black Rose Vampiress, Immortal, or a Goth Bloodstone Vamp. For other types of Halloween-y fun, try the Devious Witch, Gypsy Princess, Wizard Wanda (a la a Hogwarts School Uniform) or enjoy the Pirate’s life as our High Seas Vixen, or Scarlet Swashbuckler.

And there are many more, so let your imagination run wild as you let out your inner vixen!

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