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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School and Halloween Party Planning

Once school starts it means Fall is here, and Halloween is not far off. One of the best things about going back to school is seeing how the social scene will shape up, and Halloween parties can be a fun chance to show off the secret side of you.

Just type the word “Teen” into our search box and you’ll get a bunch of cool Teen costumes to choose from.

Guys wanting to seem more manly can dress in Spiderman or Wolverine muscle suits, as Captain Jack Sparrow, the Ghost Rider or as a Gladiator.

While girls wanting to look pretty yet sassy have a wide selection of choices. There are cute ones like Pebbles from The Flintstones, a Sunflower Bee, Daisy Bug, Candy Korn Witch, Alice (from Wonderland), and Betty Rubble.

There are wholesome yet alluring costumes like Batgirl, a Sailor, Supergirl, or Wonder Woman.
Then there’s the slightly naughty – like the Heavenly Devil, Marie Antoinette, Betty Boop or a piratey First Mate.

Dark Angels include the Naughty Angel, Angel of Death, and Fallen Angel. And fairies of the darkness have proliferated with Veinia, the Skull Fairy, Devil Fairy, Corset Fairy, Vamp Fairy, Graveyard Fairy, Dark Pixie, Sweet & Sexy Fairy.

For Goth girls we have a lot too - a Corset Maid or Corset Devil, Gothic Goddess, Bloodsucker and Black Rose Vampiress, Gothic Prom Queen, Gothic Lace Vampire, Zombie Cheerleader, Bridezilla and Boodle Bones, the Goth poodle skirt girl.

For full-on naughtiness young women can dress as Demonia, a Naughty Nurse, Dragon Geisha, Classic Bunny or Maid to Tease.

Guys can try scare tactics with creepy costumes like the Undead Stalker, Zombie 3D, Zombie Doctor, Doctor Kill Joy or Pinhead. Or they might try to impress in our Anime Black costume, or be huggable as Bam Bam.

For more costumes check the Young Adult Costumes section or go to the Child Costumes section and click on Teen Costumes.

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