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Friday, July 3, 2009

More Ways to Celebrate Independence

Just to squeeze in a little bit more 4th of July fun, here are some other ideas to use costumes to make Independence Day more enjoyable!

Check out our Historical Hats in our Masks, Hats and Wigs section and you can tip your hat to different periods of American history this 4th of July:

  • Honor the original Americans by wearing a Native American-style headdress…
  • A Coonskin Cap can evoke Davy Crockett, the king of the wild frontier….
  • A Pioneer Bonnet reminds us of the time before we were settled, though it might make you long for Thanksgiving, as will the Puritan hats for men and women and a whole Pilgrim costume for ladies….
  • A Colonial Hat fits right in with the period of struggle for independence…
  • A Civil War hat could help you say that independence is worth fighting for… In blue or gray, and we’ve got baseball caps too….
  • We can help you become a president too: a stovepipe hat could be part of an Abraham Lincoln costume with our Lincoln half-mask and Amish beard...
Or check out our Political Masks section to find an elephant or donkey patriot hat, a Reagan or Obama mask, or Hillary, George W., Bill Clinton, Gov. Schwarzenegger, or George Washington …

Our Beards & Mustaches section can help you look like Mark Twain with just a wig and a mustache though people might think you’re the colonel from Kentucky Friend Chicken if you’re not careful… Or wear your own jeans, denim shirt and cowboy hat, and then use a western mustache to finish out the look.

Finally, in our Team Mascots section, you can dress as the American Bald Eagle! We’ve got four different costumes!

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