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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Magic of Summer

Summer makes you think of outdoor parties and events, maybe involving carefree childhood memories like clowns and magic. For the clown in you, we’ve got clown costumes and shoes, plus balloon sculpting and juggling goodies to help give a good performance rather than just clowning around. Instruction books videos are available for both, as well as the products you’ll need. We’ve got the right kind of balloons plus, juggling balls, scarves, sticks, rings and knives to juggle. We’ve even got spinning plates to show off with.

If you want to jazz up the act with ventriloquism, we’ve got the right stuff for you there too. From the cute puppets, like Charlie the Chimp, to soft plush and the more standard “ventriloquist dummies”, we’ve got a range. Plus for scary clowns at Halloween parties, we’ve got scary puppets like Zombie Zack, the little creeper, and a blue baby vampire.

To add to your comedy stylings, we’ve got a whole page of gags and pranks. The old squirting flower trick and whoopie cushion are available along with a variety of exploding items and fake plastic messes to frighten the host or hostess. We’ve also got slightly more creative things like a “Funkenring” that sends sparks shooting out of anything you touch!

If magic is more your style, we can help you perform card tricks, dice tricks, and coin tricks, along with a wide variety of other tricks—almost 200 items to choose from! Escape from shackles, make light bulbs light up in your hand, cut and restore a rope, make things vanish or multiply, spear your body parts without injury, or produce items out of thin air. We’ve even got plans for larger illusions.

Enjoy the magic of summer with all that Moon Costumes has to offer.

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