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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LARPing History

LARP, as you may know from our earlier post, stands for Live Action Role Playing. The earliest recorded LARP group is agreed to be Dagorhir, which was founded in Washington, DC in 1977 by a group of college friends who shared a love of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and medieval history. The group’s original concept is still alive today as a battle game, based on both historical and fantasy interests. Their website calls it “A game, a sport, a martial art…a chance to live an adventure.”

The group's website goes on to explain that Dagorhir challenges creativity and imagination, inspires historical research, and allows members to interact improvisationally with characters they develop and portray in a historic/fantasy setting. First-time participants create a historically or fantasy-based persona to portray, and must bring or borrow a costume and weapon for their character to use. You may be able to find something to start with in our Medieval/Renaissance Costumes section and then check out our Accessories section for armor, swords, knives, wands, scepters and other weapons.

If you ‘d like to get involved in a local event, there are some coming up in August. The Battle Of Five Armies will take place on August 14 through 16, 2009 at Spring Valley Campground in Cambridge, Ohio. The Summer Slaughter is happening the same weekend, August 14 – 16, at Turkey Lake Park in Orlando, Florida. And the Battle for Middle Earth will take place August 21- 23 at Ozark Avalon in Boonville, Missouri.

And as always, Moon Costumes can make a custom costume for your character. Our recognizable character representations can be created in only a few weeks, but if you have any plastic molded pieces or foam, it can add over a month to the delivery time. Include photos and your measurements, and we’ll help you step into character to live your adventure.

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