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Monday, July 13, 2009

Costumes or Lack Thereof

Our Accessories section is pretty darn fascinating. It includes subheadings like “Assorted Armor” , “Ears, Tails and Noses” and “Guns and Ammo”. But you might be surprised to note that we also have a section appropriately named “Sexy Lingerie”. Though most of the other Accessory categories are about adding to your costume, this section is more about providing as little as possible for the imagination, streamlining to the almost bare essentials, or leaving some fun for when the rest of the costume comes off.

Some of the more costume-like ones include:

The Chef -- this may not be one of the more likely candidates in the land of fantasy, but it's definitely different. This button-front mini dress comes with a chef’s hat and a spatula!

The French Kiss Showgirl is not a can-can girl, but more like a tap dancer. This outfit includes a black jacket with tails, a white top, black hot pants and white spats.

Keeping with the French theme, lace and sheer fabrics combine to evoke a Parisian Maid out of baby doll sleepwear by including an apron and lacy neck ribbon. It comes in a plus size as well.

Then we have the Nightshift Nurse with a sheer white dress decorated by a white cross on a red background. The cross motif is echoed on the hat and the stockings. The Wet Nurse costume almost looks like she’s ready to dive in to rescue someone from a bath--a lifeguard and medic in one--and has a matching red hat.

We’ve got a few animal prints too-- a zebra print 3-piece set, and leopard print costumes for men and women. You can also find several body stockings, decorative leg stockings, corsets, mini dresses, bustiers and other sexy sets.

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