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Monday, July 20, 2009

Cosplay Cross Promotions

We’ve seen cosplay costume contests used to promote upcoming cons, or between niche-related media, but this is the first time we’ve seen a mainstream men’s magazine using cosplay to promote an anime series.

It’s happening in Singapore, where the launch of the second “season” of the supernatural action anime series Shakugan no Shana II on a channel known as Animax Asia is being highlighted by FHM (For Him Magazine) with a ‘Vote for your favourite Shana-look-alike Contest’.

Shana is a destroyer of monsters known as ‘Denizens of the Crimson Realm’. Yuji is a guy who possesses a special soul, a ‘Mystes’, that holds a powerful treasure that the monsters want... to throw the spirit world off balance, which would be bad. The new series (hence the “II” in the title) dives straight into the action to find Shana protecting Yuji with her deadly ability to wield flames as weapons and as wings to fly with, to battle ‘Denizens’ of all forms; while Fumina Konoe, a schoolgirl with a dubious background and questionable intentions enters the fold.

The contest will feature professional models from FHM Singapore, FHM Malaysia and FHM Philippines, all dressed as Shana – a babe with big fiery-red eyes and crimson flowing hair, with the temperament and fighting skills to match. They’ll be shown on Animax and voted on by viewers. Some lucky voters may even win a prize.

The models will also appear in pictorials in the August issues of FHM in their respective countries, and Animax will air exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ video of the Shana-clad models during the course of their FHM photo-shoots. Leave it to “hot” chicks to take cosplay mainstream! (Get it? “Hot” because Shana wields fire weapons?)

If you’d like to dress like Shana for your next con, we can make a custom-made costume just for you.

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