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Friday, June 19, 2009

Wear Top Ranked Anime Costumes

In a recent ranking of Japanese Anime sales reported by the Anime News Network, One Piece came out on top, with sales reaching 1,450,417 copies. We can help you take on less moral pirate crews and the Navy as you search for the world's ultimate treasure with our costumes for Monkey D. Luffy (AKA Straw Hat), swordsman Roronoa Zoro, and two looks for brilliant archaeologist Nico Robin, though we can’t help you replicate body parts.

Number 2 was Bleach. For those of you who prefer to battle evil spirits, we’ve got 63 different costumes to choose from! It's one of our most extensive collections, which corresponds with the massive cast of characters in this series, all of whom possess some degree of paranormal and superhuman abilities, whether humans, Soul Reapers, and hollows. You’ll have to supply your own reiatsu.

D. Gray-man was knocked from it’s previous spot at Number 3 by Drop, but holds on at Number 4. Our D.Grey-man collection includes Allen Walker, his Master Cross Marian, and his fellow exorcists Lavi, Lenalee Lee and Kanda Yuu, plus Millenium Earl. Bring your Innocence and your great heart to battle against the akuma army.

If you don’t really want the forces of good and evil to battle, but to live alongside peacefully, you’ll prefer to cosplay Number 5--Vampire Knight, which is up from Number 8. Our collection includes uniforms from both the day and the night classes at Cross Academy, dedicated to peaceful co-existence.

Of course, you can choose any character in any outfit from anywhere and we can make a custom cosplay costume just for you.

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