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Friday, June 26, 2009

Not Too Early to Think Halloween

It's a good time to think about themes for a great Halloween party – a good source is the Portrait section of our Props and Décor page.

Use the Medusa to scare guests into remembering their Greek mythology. The sight of her snakey-hair is bad enough, let’s just hope it doesn’t turn your guests to stone. Create a mythological monster theme by using our Dragon from European mythology and/or the Egyptian Mummy from our Animated Props section.

Admiral Howl, Red-Eye Ralph and Howling Harry might also fit into the mythological monster’s party, since the Greeks called them lycanthropes. But you could build a whole theme around werewolves! Throw a full moon bash and serve bone-shaped cookies. Serve beer in cans that resembles silver bullets, play songs like “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran and “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon. Show “American Werewolf” or “Teen Wolf” on a screen in the background, and howl a lot.

A portrait of Victor Vamp would go nicely at a Vampire-themed party. Hosts could choose their look from our selection of vampire costumes, and we’ve, cute Hanging Props like a door hanger and bouncing vampire, creepy Animated Props like a dropping vampire, a weird walker life-size puppet, makeup, wigs and anything you’d need.

Impress guests with your haunted heirlooms that display family phantasms, like Mistress Claudia, Doctor Satorus, Widow Gore and Mr. and Mrs. Alastare. Then use a cobweb machine, a fog maker and a haunted hotel CD from our Special Effects section to give your spooky house a truly creep-tacular feel.

And for a more fiesta-like feel, make Lustful Loletta the centerpiece of your black velvet-style portrait collection. Loletta wears a sombrero, so you can serve guacamole and red margaritas while showing “From Dusk Till Dawn”, the vampire film set in Mexico.

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