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Monday, June 1, 2009

Learning Cosplay from Cosplayers

Here are various tips gathered from cosplayers around cyberspace:

• Think about how you can best re-create your character’s look ahead of time and try a few different ways.
• Messing up your hair may be something you’ll have to live with for a good long while, so don't be too hasty in making your decision. Don’t cut or chop when you can pin, tuck or tie it back.
• Go wig shopping online, and then practice with it to make sure you know how to secure it so that it doesn't come off in the middle of a convention.
• If you want to look more realistic, you can use temporary washable color to dye your hair (this doesn’t include bleaching, which isn’t temporary).
• Flat or curling irons work well, especially when they’re used with hair gel and hair spray to create that 'spikey' look, but can damage hair.

• Make sure you haven’t forgotten your cosplay character’s props!
• Keep in mind that props usually have to be carried around a long time, so even the lightest of props can be a major burden during the day.
• Be sure to check the convention’s security policy to make sure you can take your prop in. You may have to come up with a creative alternative.

• Be ready for attention! People will want to have their pictures taken with you, especially if your cosplay costume is really good.
• If you’re shy, consider a costume that has a mask or covers part of your face. Then have character-specific things ready to say.

• Cosplay is about acting the part. Choose a character you know well and then research and practice.
• It can be helpful if you look like the character you’re cosplaying. It'll make it that much easier to play the part convincingly.
• Cosplay in groups for more comfort and fun!

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