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Monday, June 29, 2009

Independence Day Cosplay

There’s nothing more American than spending a holiday weekend celebrating the melting pot of the USA by learning about another culture…or sub-culture for that matter. So if you’re itching for anime and cosplay, here are a few suggestions about how to spend the weekend. It doesn’t matter where you are in the great U-S-of-A, there’s a con going on in your region.

We’ve already told you all about Anime Expo happening in Los Angeles, CA July 2-5, but while you’re there, you might want to visit L.A.’s Maid Café and a shop called JapanLA. Also, the Pacific Asia Museum is running an Anime Film Festival showing Samurai X: The Motion Picture on July 9th.

There’s also Anime Overload happening in Austin, TX, July 3-5. If you were planning to go to this event but haven’t solidified your plans, be sure to note that they’ve changed their location. Their events include:

~ Anime Overload’s Cosplay Contest, for newbies, beginners, veterans or attendees looking for a good show.

~ A Cosplay 101 panel that promises to teach you everything from where to get supplies to how to pick a cosplay idea, and what materials you'll need. Everything to get you started and on the road to becoming a great cosplayer!

~ Cosplay Photography for anyone interested in organizing photo shoots, taking cosplay photos, or simply looking your best when getting your photo taken. You can get valuable insight in this panel, including information about pre and post-production editing and Photoshop tricks.

~ Cosplay Presentation - Learn how to do skits and walk-ons, and how to do them the right way to make your next skit or walk-on an award winning presentation.

And then, Otaku Omaha is taking place in Nebraska July 3-5. There’s still time to register for any of these cons, so get on it!

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