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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father’s Day Weekend Cosplay

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, and so is the Anime Mid-Atlantic 2009 con in Richmond, Virginia. So if you’re planning to go, you’d better make some arrangements to either include Dad or squeeze him in somehow.

This year, Anime Mid-Atlantic has three separate competitive cosplay events. During the Saturday night Masquerade, cosplayers can perform and showcase their craft and showmanship talents on the grand stage. For those who aren’t quite ready for the bright lights of the stage, you can also enter the Hall Costume Contest during Friday and Saturday. And lastly, the Fan Favorite Costume Contest is open to anyone in a costume who would like to have the attendees vote on photos of their costumes.

Also, professional cosplay model, Yunmao Ayakawa, will be a guest. From the Akihabara region of Tokyo, Japan, she has gained worldwide fame as the region’s spokeswoman and foremost authority on cosplay and the Maid Idol industry. She’s even a board member of the Nihon Maid Association. She currently writes articles for Japan based periodicals like Manichi Newspaper, (Japan), Cosmode Magazine and in 2007 became the first Japanese cosplayer to write articles for an American magazine; Otaku USA where she writes exclusive articles on cosplay and Japan's latest Otaku trends.

This year, she’ll be interviewing cosplayers for her "Cosplay Café" article in Otaku USA magazine. Interviews will take place at the TenBu Productions table in the Vendors Room at 3:30PM on Saturday, so show up in your best cosplay costume. You’ll be interviewed and take a picture with Yunmao Ayakawa, which could get you featured in her column—and some interviews and images may even appear in Japanese press. Yunmao is looking forward to meeting cosplayers and seeing all their great costumes, and it’s a great opportunity for all aspiring cosplayers to meet and learn from a real Japanese pro.

And who knows? Your dad might like her too!

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