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Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't Forget Accessories!

'The ability to accessorize is what separates man from the animals' was one of the many amusing lines from the movie Steel Magnolias. And while this may exactly be true, it does speak to the fact that those who add a little something extra to an outfit, are a cut above the rest.

At Moon Costumes, we know that if you are into cosplay and enjoy dressing up, you want to go all out and make sure that you have all the gear and accessories that you need. No point in dressing up and wearing regular shoes. And you do not want to show up in full costume, but empty-handed, lacking a weapon or a wand to complete the look. Dressing up means going for the total look and not just stopping at the costume, but leaving your face without makeup or not having that hat you need to really pull a costume off.

No matter the costume, we have the accessories to finish it off. Starting with the foundation of the costume--we have petticoats and pantaloons for authenticity. For the outside, we have headbands, ties, canes, hats and goggles.

You can have fun with our wide selection of wacky teeth and fangs. And why not step out with our silver or gold snake bracelets, boa feather, medallions and bling rings?

We have all kinds of amusing purses and bags that you can carry to complete a costume or just for fun. Even when you are not playing Dorothy, you may still want to tote around our Purse Doggie Basket. The Indiana Jones Satchel/Tote Bag can also be used in and out of costume. And with the Purse Beer Mug, you will always have a frosty beer within easy reach.


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