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Monday, June 15, 2009

Cosplay can Lead to Handcuffs

Cosplayers really love to look authentic, which is why it must be the highest level of compliment to be arrested for looking too threatening – especially if you’re dressed as a militaristic zombie from the Resident Evil franchise.

It happened to one man a few weeks ago, when he was the first to arrive at the Metro Clothing store for a zombie crawl to promote the Crypticon Horror Convention at the Seattle Center the following weekend. Wearing all black, knee pads, a knife, grenade, a gas mask, and carrying what looked to be a machine gun, he frightened the people on the street enough to call the police. At least he won the top prize.

He was dressed as HUNK, a member of the Umbrella Special Forces Unit in Resident Evil 2. If you dare to scare like this guy did, we can make a custom costume of HUNK’s clothing to fit you. But if you’re not quite up to challenging the authorities, you can try some of our other Resident Evil costumes. We have:

Leon Scott Kennedy - from Resident Evil 4, where he has become a special agent for the US government, and is assigned to rescue the newly-elected President's daughter.

Ada Wong - from Resident Evil 4, where she assists Leon in his mission to rescue the new First Daughter, although her true objective is to obtain a sample of the Las Plagas parasites.

Alice - from Resident Evil Extinction, part of the film series based on the video games.

Moon Costumes wants you look authentic, but we don’t want you to get arrested. Cosplay responsibly!

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