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Friday, June 12, 2009

Anime and Cosplay in Canada

Anime Evolution is happening this weekend, June 12 – 14 in Vancouver! Their website tells us: “The three-day convention is expected to draw close to 5,000 people and brings together art, animation (anime), comic books (manga), video games, film and music in a celebration of Asian popular culture and multimedia.”

Events include, of course, a cosplay contest, an Anime idol singing contest and a dance contest called “Anime’s Best Dance Crew” and certainly the judges would be appreciative of a nice cosplay costume as well.

For this competition, crews of four or more members perform to music from an anime or video game series. The dances should reflect the series the music is from. The crews get to make their own flags or banners to identify themselves, too. And then, an exciting twist—an additional theme will be presented before the start of the contest, for example, you might be asked to use a certain prop in your dance, or you might be told to include a certain dance style in your performance. It’s a three-round competition, so for the first two rounds, the crews will dance to songs they’ve pre-selected. But the final round pit the two best crews against each other in a dance battle to randomly selected music. Sounds exciting!

The winner will be determined afterwards and they’ll also be asked to perform at the closing ceremonies.

The con’s full schedule is online now, but if you can’t make it, but still want to keep up what’s happening or get ready for next year, they have Facebook group, a MySpace group and a channel on YouTube.

So if you’re in or near the Pacific Northwest, have an awesome costume, and are ready for some Cosplay, drop in and see what’s happening at Anime Evolution 2009.

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