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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4th of July Costume Fun

Click on our Holiday menu link and you’ll see we have costumes for the 4th of July!

If you’re throwing a party, you could really put a smile on people’s faces if you wear a costume. How much more welcoming could a hostess be than if dressed as the Statue of Liberty? Officially titled “Liberty Enlightening the World” the statue welcomes visitors, immigrants, and returning Americans traveling by ship. You could just en-lighten up the mood while welcoming guests!

And who wouldn’t respond to seeing a smiling Uncle Sam in their midst? As the national personification of the United States, he’s been with us in concept since the War of 1812 and illustrated from 1852. The famous recruitment poster dates from 1917. We’ve got a few style choices and sizes for men or boys, or you can post a dancing tube Uncle Sam on your lawn.

If you’re part of a show at an event, you might want to make use of our various ladies costumes. You can deliver poetry as Miss Liberty, draped in a more colorful blue dress with white stars and a red and white striped sash. Our cute little Lady Sam outfit (pictured) is great for a tap dancing revue, as is Miss Firecracker.
If you’re a magician we’ve got silk flags that can appear out of thin air…if you know the trick.
And if you’re attending a party or going to a big event, these costumes will help everyone around you enjoy the patriotic occasion. Even if you just want to wear good ol’ American blue jeans and merely accessorize, we’ve got accessories too. Check our range of foam, collapsible and cardboard top hats, goatees, and bow ties, or Lady Liberty accessories. They’re so affordable you could buy them for use as party favors along with a flew flags to wave.

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