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Friday, May 29, 2009

These Boots Were Made for…Glomping?

Have you ever noticed just how many ladies cosplay costumes require a good set of black boots? And how much easier it is to launch yourself at someone when you’ve got secure footing?
Here’s a list of lovely characters who like to wear black boots, as do their cosplayers.

Lenalee Lee from D. Gray Man. Her thigh-high boots are capable of helping her to run at high speeds, walk on water, and use sound waves as footholds. Pretty cool.

Rozen Maiden’s Mercury Lampe (AKA Suigintou) – might be wearing a doll’s dress, but her boots mean business. They may be especially useful when controlling twin black dragons.

Sailor Moon’s Meiou Setsuna (AKA Sailor Pluto, and known as Trista in the English version) wears her sailor suit with knee-high boots that have a white accent at the top, that are sure to help her guard the gates of time.

Vampire Knight's Yuki Cross wears shorter boots, since even short black boots are vampire-esque, and so does Nana Osaki, the punk singer from the manga Nana, because black boots are very punk rock.

Lulu from Final Fantasy 12 might like these multi-belt boots, since the multiple belts match with her skirt.

And check out these sexy boots, which may be perfect to portray Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist.
If you’re going to wear a costume that includes black boots, you might also consider boot covers. That way you can wear your favorite footwear underneath, and be more comfortable as you walk around the con.

Of course, footwear for mens and ladies cosplay costumes cover a whole range of styles that can help you get into character.

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