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Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring and Summer Cosplay Conventions

While some people may debate the merit of cosplay and the purpose of attending cosplay conventions, we are (as you can imagine) all for it. Whether we admit it or not, we all engage in fantasy role-play in one way or another. If you go to the movies and imagine living as one of the characters or think of alternate endings for your favorite books or TV shows, you are role-playing in a way. A cosplay convention gives you the chance to get out of your own head and interact with others who share your same interests. And in these tough times any opportunity to connect with new people is beneficial.

It is also an opportunity to spend a little time walking in someone else's shoes (or boots or whatever the case may be). Check out our Cosplay and Anime costumes to find your favorite characters and then get ready for spring and summer cosplay fun.

Here are just a few upcoming conventions that you can attend:

United States:
Costume-Con: May 1-4- Timonium, MD
Anime School House Rock: May 2- Davie, FL
Anime Central: May 8-10- Rosemont, IL
LouisiANIME: May 8-10- Baton Rouge, LA
Animazement: May 22-24- Durham, NC
FanimeCon: May 22-25- San Jose, CA
ColossalCon: June 4-7- Sandusky, OH
Florida Supercon: June 5-7- Miami, FL
Anime Expo: July 2-5- Los Angeles, CA
Anime Overload: July 3-5- Austin, TX
Otaku Omaha: July 3-5- Council Bluffs, IA

Anime North: May 22-24- Toronto, Ontario
Anime Evolution: June 12-14- Vancouver, British Columbia
Ai-Kon: July 24-26- Winnipeg, Manitoba
Otakuthon: July 31 - August 2- Montreal, Quebec
Animethon: August 7-9- Edmonton, Alberta
Kita-Kon: August 27-28- Thunder Bay, Ontario
Fan Expo Canada: August 28-30- Toronto, Ontario
Yaoifest: August 30- Calgary, Alberta

There are over 100 new costumes and cosplay costumes to choose from in our online store. Take a look to see if we have one in the character that you like as you plan for your next convention.


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