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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From Animazement to Colossal or Supercon and Beyond

This YouTube picture-show was created by an attendee of Animazement in Raleigh, North Carolina from this past weekend. But don’t put your cosplay costumes away yet! Colossal Con is coming up June 4 – 7 in Sandusky, Ohio and the Florida Supercon is on the same weekend, June 5-7. Choose to go to one or both, and make use of that custom-made cosplay costume.

Colossal Con is an Anime, Gaming, and Japanese Culture Convention. Cosplayers can find info on their general cosplay rules, the Friday Cosplay and the Saturday masquerade. Their panels include discussions about Fullmetal Alchemist, Harem Anime, anime and manga series creator Koge Donbo, Naruto and how to tell if your favorite anime hero is really a guy or a girl. And of course, there’s also an Artist’s Alley, a game room and more.

Florida Supercon is South Florida's comic book, anime, animation, cosplay, fantasy & video game festival. Their Cosplay link has information about their costume and cosplay competitions, including rules and guidelines. A wider scope means their con includes events about Harry Potter and Twilight, The Peanuts Gang, DC and Indie Comics, Star Wars, and Guitar Hero, but that doesn’t’ mean there are fewer events for a Cosplayer. Along with an Anime viewing room and panel discussions like “Who Wants to Date a Cosplayer?” and “Cosplay Deviants: How to Talk to girls at a Convention”, there are panels about Japanese culture, Cosplay Modeling, Leatherworking, and chances to dance and party.

There are more summer cons coming up in July too, The Anime Expo is being held July 2-5- in Los Angeles, California; Anime Overload is from July 3-5 in Austin, Texas; and Otaku Omaha is July 3-5 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. But since they’re all the same weekend, you’ll probably want to plan ahead and book the private jet.

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