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Monday, May 4, 2009

Costumes for Couples and Pairs

Although we have talked about how you can go to cosplay conventions to meet other cosplayers and share their hobby with those who also enjoy it, we know that someone of you already share this interest with a special someone or a good friend.

Maybe you and a friend enjoy different aspects of costume life but yet tend to dress independently. If this is you, maybe it is time that you try to coordinate and see what it is like to take on an event as a pair. The sci-fi, fantasy and anime worlds have plenty of characters that come in pairs that you can emulate. It might be fun to see what is it like to stay in character with a friend other by your side. You will not only need to stay in character on your own; you will have to remain true to character as you interact with your partner in costume too.

For non-Anime fans, a classic pairing would be that dynamic duo from Star Wars, Hans Solo and Princess Leia. This pair is for those feisty couples who could not imagine staring into each other's eyes all the time.

And speaking of dynamic duos, why not convince a pal to help you fight crime as one half of Batman and Robin? We have more than one Batman (or Robin) look--so you can take on the Batman character from the campy TV show, Batman from the 1997 movie or The Dark Knight (shown above).

If gaming is more your thing, you can find a willing player and go out as Link and Princess Zelda. As you probably know, there are many different versions of the Legend of Zelda, so you are free to act out the one that most appeals to you. Of course you do not have to stick every detail (because there are so many), but you southpaws out there may be interested to know that in the beginning, Link was left-handed (although he did not stay that way in later versions of the game).

Costumes are not just for fan conventions or Halloween. Couple costumes can add to the fun you may have in the fantasy world year-round.

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