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Friday, April 17, 2009

What is Cosplay?

We assume that most of you find us are interested in costumes and cosplay and know all about it, but it never hurts to give a little explanation. After all, some of you may have been lead to this page by your children or a friend and you may still be uncertain as to what it is all about. You have been asked to purchase a costume and are unsure why since there is no major holiday coming up.

Cosplay, as you may imagine, is based on the English words-"costume" and "play." Despite its English roots, cosplay as a term came into use among in Japan first.

For many people cosplay is solely associated with manga and anime, although this kind of costuming and role play is an important part of other entertainment genres like horror and science fiction. If you have seen people dressed up for Star Trek conventions and the like, then you have some idea of what cosplay is like.

There are two kinds of cosplay--the basic and masquerade. Basic cosplay stays on the surface, with people doing all they can to look like certain characters. As you can imagine, the masquerade variety of cosplay is a little more work since it involves both costume and performance. With masquerade, cosplayers perform skits and really do what they can to become a character.

Sometimes people gather for cosplay in a casual way among friends. At other times people convene at more organized functions like conventions. At these conventions there are contests and the cosplayers who are the most popular can become celebrities among other practitioners. Either way, cosplayers take a lot of pride in putting their costumes together and we have a great selection of high quality adult cosplay costumes available and our selection is constantly being updated.


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