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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uncle Sam Costumes

You know what they say--if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And when it comes to paying the government what is due, there is no use in fighting the inevitable. Today is April 15th, the dreaded deadline for income taxes in the United States. And since you probably already have Uncle Sam on the brain, why not get a little role-play relief by dressing up in patriotic gear? For those of you have found it necessary to file for extensions, the pain of tax time will last a little longer and you can get a jump on the Fourth of July rush for gear with stars and stripes.

Whether you want a little bit of stars and stripes or a lot, we have got something for you. If you want just a touch of Uncle Sam, get the clip-on blow tie or a flag to wave as you march to the post office to your mail in your post-April 15 taxes. Or if you have dutifully already filed, you can still have fun reminding those who are still slogging through tax forms about the fun you are having being free of that duty. We also have top hats in several forms-- foam, velvet and cardboard. For a little extra pizzaz, you can get an Uncle Sam Hat with a beard too.

For the full Uncle Sam treatment, we have several complete costumes, including the Uncle Sam Sequin Deluxe. And ladies, you are not left out--we carry an adult women's outfit that comes with a top hat, bow tie, jacket with tails and a dress. For those who want something a little saucier, there is a Miss Firecracker costume.

And since we don't want the kids to be left out, there are Uncle Sam costumes for children starting at size 8 going up to size 14.

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