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Monday, April 20, 2009

Keep Cosplay Fun All in the Family

For those of you who have heard (or hope) that anime conventions are all wild and crazy, at least one journalist who went to the recent Kawaii-Kon in Hawaii found that sometimes the cosplay fun was all in the family. And for some of you who are looking for ways to relate to and do more with your kids, you might consider such a convention if your kids are into cosplay. After all, if you can’t tear them away from the anime, then you might as well join them, right?

Parents at this year’s Kawaii-Kon got into the spirit of things--they did not just suffer through because their kids wanted to go, they actually participated. Some may have had even more fun than their kids. In a way, this makes sense, because since they are no longer children, this was their time to dress up and play make-believe and not be judged. Where else can an adult dress up in a costume, meet with other adults who are also dressed up and not feel out of place? For those of you who are into cosplay, Halloween is not enough. After all, it only comes once a year and you want to enjoy the fun of dressing up more than just one time out of the year.

Stop by the Moon Costumes website and you will find Transfomer Optimus Deluxe and Bumblebee costumes, in-stock, and in adult sizes.

If you are interested in Hatsune Miki and Haruhi Suzimaya or similar costumes, these will have to be custom made. But if you are really into anime and want to attend a convention, it is well worth the effort to get these kinds of costumes custom made.


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