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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

High School Musical Costumes

Zac Efron may be leaving High School Musical behind, but that does not mean that your kids are ready to do yet. If they are not, you can get them one of our High School Musical costumes so that they can relive their favorite moments from the television specials or the movie.

If you managed to see Zac Efron's new movie, watched him on Saturday Night Live recently (or saw some of the clips online), you know that he is trying to move away from that role and onto bigger things.

And that is okay. We all do have to grow up at some point. Or do we? With costumes and cosplay we still have the opportunity to go to the land of make-believe at least for a while. Even kids feel the pull to grow up these days and it is good to let them enjoy childhood fun and dressing up while they are still young. Although, you probably never imagined that they would be clamoring over the costumes from a television special about high school…

We have the Troy Championship Game costume and the Troy Warmup Suit Deluxe for all of those would-be Troys. Troy’s Warmup Suit costume comes with both a microphone and a basketball, so your little Troy does not have to decide between music and athletics.

There is also the Sharpay Deluxe costume, which includes a dazzling blue dress, a brooch and a headpiece. Your child can also dress up as a cheerleader or as Gabriella.

The great thing about these High School Musical costumes is that they can be used to dress up as one of the characters from that program or just for dressing up and play in general.

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