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Friday, April 24, 2009

Disney Princess Costumes

Earlier this week, we mentioned how one of Disney's most popular stars, Zac Efron, is poised to leave his High School Musical past behind, although your kids can still have fun with High School Musical Costumes.

Efron has not been the only star in the Disney galaxy creating buzz lately. The newest character to Disney's princess lineup—the news media has been talking up Princess Tiana although she will not arrive in theatres as the star of a new feature film cartoon until late this year. Unlike some of the previous Disney Princesses, Princess Tiana does not hail from a mythical or magical land or even from under the sea--Princess Tiana makes her home in New Orleans, Louisiana. With a new spin on all of those stories about princes and princesses kissing and becoming frogs, Disney put its latest heroine in the bayou.

Princess Tiana will join several other Disney princesses that have delighted little girls worldwide for years now. We have Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and Snow White costumes. These costumes can provide hours of dress-up fun with their beautiful gowns and accompanying accessories.

We also have Tinkerbell costumes as well. Although we are not one hundred percent certain that Tinkerbell is a part of the Disney princess lineup. Tinkerbell (or as some pre-teen and even teen girls affectionately refer to her- "Tink") has been transformed from a silent helper into a saucy heroine in her own right. If you'll remember, she didn't say much, but she did have a bit of attitude. Disney capitalized on her small, but important role in Peter Pan and had put her into the spotlight to claim her own glory.

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Have you ever done an adult custom Tinkerbell costume?
Yes, we have traci. Email us at custom [at] We've dona custom Tink, Glinda and many other classics ... usually to buyers in plays, musicals, dance groups, etc.
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